About Us

Our mission is to reimagine how the world’s
most loved products become accessible to everyone.

To achieve this, we use world-class expertise and the smart application of data science to figure out what products garner great ratings, reviews, and rankings — and why. We work to make these items as good as they can be or create new ones to meet changing demands. We seek out entrepreneurs who share our passion. And we constantly look to the future, searching for ways to make our company more diverse and inclusive, our processes more sustainable, and our world more equitable.

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Building a Culture
of Belonging

As a global community of Thrashers, we don’t tolerate hate or racism of any kind. Instead, we choose to learn from and grow with each other, sharing our cultural experiences in company-wide meetings and deep-dive conversations. We also work tirelessly to establish fair, merit-based hiring and promotion practices, constantly striving to help create a more inclusive, equitable, and understanding world.

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